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Features of the transport industry in Paris

Transport is one of the major needs in modern society. This is why there are different types and modes of transportation. One can travel by air, road, rail or water.

Traditionally, the search for diverse trade routes led to the development of faster and convenient means of transport. Due to the need to sell fresh products, airplanes were made. The need to transport large groups of people at once over short or long distances led to the creation of buses.

Buses of all types and small private vehicles are the most common means of transport. The transport industry in Paris and the France has several facets that we seek to address.

Passenger transport industry                 

This is an essential aspect of transport for any city or country in the world. It is the industry that large numbers of people rely on to ensure that they are able to get to work on time and move from one place to another faster, safely, conveniently and affordably.

In Paris, public transport is essentially dominated by the Tube. This is its underground railway system that transports more than half of all Paris commuters. There are other railway systems although they exist to support it.

The bus service is the other prominent aspect of the passenger transport industry in Paris and the France. The red double-decker bus which is a symbol of the Paris transport system are highly common on the roads. Buses, transport the other half of daily commuters in the streets of Paris.

Black cabs are another common feature of the Paris passenger transport industry. They are considered expensive but have been on the roads of the city as long as buses have.

School Transport

This is another aspect of the transport industry. Like the public passenger transport system, the school transport industry is highly segmented. Transport for Paris is the government agency that oversees transport in the city of Paris. It supervises transport on the roads and rail.

In school transport, the agency has recently come up with a policy that provides free transport for school children between the age of five and eighteen in the Tube, buses and trams.

Schools can also make arrangements with bus companies on hiring of their services especially for school educational trips.

Group travel

When travelling as a group, public transport is highly inconvenient. This is where private bus hire companies such as the three decades old Paris Travelin Group come in.

They own and operate large fleets of buses and minibuses that are appropriate for groups of 8 to 72.

They provides transport services to companies and other organized groups such as tours and sight-seeing groups.

Event transport

Events such as weddings also require transport. The events transport industry is dominated by private companies. They supply the red double decker buses with a twist. Rather than offer modern bus services, they offer vintage buses which help spruce up the event and make it a memorable day with lots of social media friendly photos and memories.

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