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Every time you fly to our beautiful city, you may face a dilemma: how to get from the airport to Paris. Or vice versa, when your trip to Paris comes to an end you need to get from Paris to the airport. In fact, there are many options of how you can reach your destination from the airport, however, a taxi can be too expensive, and a bus too slow. Here, at ParisTravelin, we offer another option - shared shuttle transfer, which combines the speed and comfort of a taxi, and the accessibility of a bus.


Our shuttles are comfortable minibuses accommodating up to 8 & 16 people and luggage up to 1 suitcase and 1 carry-on bag per passenger. If you have more suitcases, please ask our operators about the possibility of carrying an extra luggage.

Upon arrival at the airport, our driver will wait for you in the arrival hall and help you load the luggage into a shuttle. On the way back to the airport, our driver will meet you in the lobby of your hotel and lend a helping hand if you need to handle the luggage.


The routes are built in such a way to shorten the distance and time of the trip. We select fellow travellers who are close to the developed optimal route. The shuttle makes not more than 3 stops en route. In this way, we guarantee that the trip will not take long.


If your flight is delayed, a driver will wait for you up to 90 minutes after the estimated time of arrival without additional surcharges. If the delay is more than 90 minutes, we can change the booking date for an additions cost.


Let’s take you to your destination without costing you a fortune.

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