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Transport Services

  • Executive Coaches:  ​

There’s an only word that portrays us better and that’s “luxury travel”. Paris Travel in has contemporary vehicles that redefine comfort travel. No matter if you choose us for short travel or long journeys, our fleet of luxury vehicles work tirelessly at your service to satisfy your concerns. Our executive coaches comfortably accommodate 25, 29, 35, 49, 53, 57, 59 and 68 passengers aboard. With all ultra-modern amenities onboard such as flat screen TV, reclining seats and beyond, we are your one-stop for executive coaches.


  •  Luxury Minibuses:  

Create impressions wherever you go in modern luxury minibuses. Arrive in a style that others admire, be it for airport transfers or short journeys. We have finest models of 8 and 16 seated minibuses to suit transportation needs for any event that you have in your mind. Rest assured that your guests will get world-class amenities that compliment travelling.  


  •  Executive Cars:  

Hire our contemporary executive cars that make travelling feels like a breeze. Our premium luxury cars are a living emblem of luxury, style, safety and convenience that every executive craves for. Perfect for accommodating up to 4 passengers, enjoy the ample space they have to keep luggage. 

  •  Affordable Shuttle Service:  ​

Flying to any of Paris international airports? Don’t want to exhaust yourself with overwhelming taxi experience? This is where Paris Travel in’s premium yet affordable shuttle services come in for your help. Just sit and relax in the cosy interiors of our luxury shuttles and we will take you there in no time. Avail your seat now!

  •  Share-ride Service:  ​

Want to spend less while travelling to the same destination with us? Paris Travel in prides to offer cost-effective minibus service that can be shared for a ride with our passengers. With an average waiting time as little as 30 minutes, we would take you to the destination with minimum hassles. We take a maximum of 3 stops on a single journey just to pick or drop fellow passengers that means minimal waiting time. Let’s take you to your destination without costing you a fortune.


  • Airport & Hotel Services:  ​

Want to get picked from airport to your hotel or vice-versa? Consider Paris Travel in for hotel pick-ups as soon as you reach the international airport. Travelling comes handy using our luxury transportation services. Don’t speak French? No worries, our licensed drivers are good at many languages that put an end to your communication woes. Carrying a heavy luggage with you? Well, leave that to our drivers as they will load and unload that for you without making you tired. Consider us your local guide who knows every single thing that a traveller needs on the way, be it about currency exchange or the shortcut ways to your destination. You will love riding with us in Paris.

Transport Services
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